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Content Policy

QBonecas Magazine Important Note

Any reproduction of articles published on Qbonecas Magazine, regardless of the purpose, is not allowed without permission documented by the publisher.

All content published in either edition of QBonecas Magazine (texts, photos,Ads and tutorials), unless otherwise noted, is of our own and therefore protected by copyright law.

We do not autorize that our content is copied, duplicated, reproduced or distributed by any vehicle without our prior written consent, even if due credit is given, cite the author's name, the source and / or the URL (address e) where the material was obtained. 

The name and logo of the magazine are also of our own and can only be used by us.

Violations of this policy will be vigorously rejected. The offender will be reported to the responsible agencies, without necessarily any communications or previous with the same contact.


1.Digitalized copy of any page from the magazine for propagation in social media or any other means of communication;

2.Any artist invited to be on the cover of the magazine does not have authorization to share digitalized copies of any material published by the magazine in any social media or other means of communication;

3. Any artist, who had tutorials published in the magazine, does not have permission to share digitized copies on any social media or other means of communication.  © All rights reserved to Qbonecas Magazine.

The magazine will have reserved the copyright on all material published, and this material is exclusive property of Qbonecas Magazine. Its use without permission is a violation of the law of copyright ownership.


1.The disclosure of the cover and description of the content of the magazine;

2. Artists with biographies published in the magazine, except the cover artist, have authorization to share digitized copies of the material about them on Social Medias, provided that they promote QBonecas Magazine cover with their bio. But it is forbidden to publish and distribute the same material in .PDF format. This exception applies only to artists who had biographies published, any other article is prohibited disclosure.

For questions about this policy, please contact us by email (qbonecasmagazine@gmail.com) so we can clarify them. 

Kind Regards, 

Viviane Aleluia - QBM Founder, Publisher, Editor

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